“Melissa was invaluable in helping me navigate one of the toughest times of my life. I had retained Melissa, to establish parenting and child support orders, after she was highly recommended by a family friend. During our first meeting, Melissa thoroughly explained the process and provided me with some invaluable recommendations. Melissa explained the legal processes in such a way that it alleviated any doubts or stress from my mind. She responded to every call and email quickly, if not immediately (even on the weekend).

Every conversation with my ex was a battle; he was disrespectful and verbally aggressive to both Melissa and I. However, Melissa was always very professional and knew how to handle every situation. I trusted Melissa’s advice and recommendations and was never disappointed or let down. I felt comforted and reassured through Melissa’s continued commitment to helping my family. I felt as though we were a team; that Melissa was as invested in the outcome of my case as I was.

Melissa found sources of income that were not disclosed by my ex and presented it to the judge in such a way that left no room for doubt. Melissa’s delivery in court is professional and well rehearsed. Melissa never entered court unprepared. She was fully committed to my case, as if it was her own. Melissa is sharp and is able to act quickly and intelligently on her feet. She was able to foresee how my ex may try to destroy valuable information to our case and acted quickly to prevent such things from happening. After many court appearances and disputes, I finally have sole custody and the required financial support to provide for my son. I felt overwhelmed with happiness when the process was over. I never would have been able to secure sole custody or a settlement as large as I had without the help of Melissa.

Melissa was also very cost conscious and clear about the cost of pursuing my case. I am, without a doubt, certain that the value of services provided were far superior than the costs incurred. I am so very pleased that Melissa took me on as a client and my family is forever grateful for her amazing work. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking legal representation for custody and support. – T.N.

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