All testimonials featured are written by clients of Melissa A. Oakley. These testimonials may have been redacted to protect confidential information or for length. These testimonials reflect past results, which are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amounts recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts of each individual case.

Melissa and Stephen knew how to take care of my needs very quickly, and effectively. They offered clear, answers to my questions with professionalism. They are truly an attentive, caring team. I felt comforted and reassured since the first time I met the team, and they are just wonderful! They go above and beyond to help me. Melissa and Stephen’s professionalism and understanding includes cost consciousness, a quality that is hard to find anywhere. I am very happy to have found an invaluable professional guide with Oakley Family Law. I am so very lucky that Melissa and Stephen took me on as a client. I would highly recommend Oakley Family Law to anybody.V.P.

Melissa is a compassionate and competent family lawyer whom I have referred many friends and clients to over the years. Everyone has given her rave reviews and thanked me for the introduction as she provides exceptional value for the money. […] This knowledge of the process and the judicial system enables her to provide accurate and timely advice. Melissa is known for her quality of service and advice. You are in good hands with Melissa. – S.S.

I was going through a very messy divorce. Hiring Melissa was the best decision I ever made. Melissa not only listened to me but she did everything she could to produce the best result for me in the end. Melissa brought experience and extensive knowledge to my case and went above and beyond my expectations. She was able to explain things to me in layman’s terms where we were in my case and the next steps we needed to take. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Melissa! She took really good care of me and helped me get everything settled and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you Melissa. – M.C.

Melissa was invaluable in helping me navigate one of the toughest times of my life. I had retained Melissa, to establish parenting and child support orders, after she was highly recommended by a family friend. During our first meeting, Melissa thoroughly explained the process and provided me with some invaluable recommendations. Melissa explained the legal processes in such a way that it alleviated any doubts or stress from my mind. She responded to every call and email quickly, if not immediately (even on the weekend).

Every conversation with my ex was a battle; he was disrespectful and verbally aggressive to both Melissa and I. However, Melissa was always very professional and knew how to handle every situation. I trusted Melissa’s advice and recommendations and was never disappointed or let down. I felt comforted and reassured through Melissa’s continued commitment to helping my family. I felt as though we were a team; that Melissa was as invested in the outcome of my case as I was.

Melissa found sources of income that were not disclosed by my ex and presented it to the judge in such a way that left no room for doubt. Melissa’s delivery in court is professional and well rehearsed. Melissa never entered court unprepared. She was fully committed to my case, as if it was her own. Melissa is sharp and is able to act quickly and intelligently on her feet. She was able to foresee how my ex may try to destroy valuable information to our case and acted quickly to prevent such things from happening. […]

Melissa was also very cost conscious and clear about the cost of pursuing my case. I am, without a doubt, certain that the value of services provided were far superior than the costs incurred. I am so very pleased that Melissa took me on as a client […]. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking legal representation for custody and support. – T.N.

Today is a brand new day for me to start my new freedom… Thank you for giving me a voice and for being so open and genuinely concerned for my behalf. You remained open minded and non judgmental in your professional manner and it really touches my heart to have you represent me. I can’t show you my gratitude enough so please know that you are such a blessing and you have impacted my life tremendously… Best wishes to you and all that you are a part of. – J.B.

I mean to share my experience and thoughts about my court proceedings. My focus has been on Matrimony Property Division as well as Spousal Support. My journey began in June of 2014, during which I was self represented until November of 2014. I was referred to a lawyer by the name of Melissa Oakley. I felt finally that I could breathe; automatically I felt at ease and felt positivity. My concerns, my fears, my vulnerabilities dissipated. I was finally going to be heard, I was important, my struggles were finally going to be addressed.

Well, never did I imagine the over the top support and dedication I was about to continuously receive from this amazing woman. Not to mention the daily friendliness I have been shown by the receptionists every time I contacted the firm. The acknowledgement and utter kindness I received from all over the phone was beyond my expectations.

My first consultation: I was extremely fortunate in meeting Melissa. I instantly felt comfortable; not to mention VALUED in my concerns. Immediately, no goofing around! She was forthcoming with what I needed to comply with as a client, to move forward with the action. Once she received my information, the process was expedient and thorough to no end.

I have been informed about every aspect of my case and have been included in every outcome and decision. I have had a voice throughout every procedure and instance. We just concluded our 4 day trial last week and we are still awaiting the Judge’s decision, but no matter what, I am compelled to share with you all, how unbelievably, out of this world, positive, and over the top my experience has been with this beautiful, amazing angel that has entered my life. – T.D.

In the past year, I have twice sought Melissa’s services. She and her staff immediately put us at ease. Melissa was polite, efficient and very understanding. I would highly recommend Melissa and her team. – J.M.

Melissa was fantastic to work with, always professional but warm and supportive. Knowledgeably (and quickly) answered my questions and assisted me to successfully resolve my case. – C.N.

I worked with Melissa, Kayla and Stephen over a period of 18 months or so. I couldn’t have picked a better firm and more compassionate lawyers to work with. My situation was extremely complex and it definitely required some outstanding team effort and creative solutions. I am a strong advocate but I couldn’t have succeeded in my case without the Oakley Team. Melissa is a wise strategist, Kayla brought her invaluable kindness and hard work to the table, and Stephen completely turned the tables in my favour through excellent negotiations in a 1 day JDR. The best part was their reasonable pricing, and willingness to always keep costs manageable. I recommend them to anyone going through a divorce, but especially if it’s a high conflict divorce. – A.C.

I just wanted to let you know I sincerely appreciated your professionalism, knowledge and the effort you put into my case. I know you went that extra mile to secure a fair and honest settlement for myself and my two young girls. I sincerely thank you and your staff for helping my family during such a demoralizing and arduous situation. – J.W.

When I first met with Melissa Oakley of Oakley Family Law for a consultation, I felt very comfortable with her demeanor and knowledge in the field. Melissa listened to my concerns and provided me sound advice during the divorce process to give me the desired outcome I was looking for. Hard working, good personality, and very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who is unfortunately going through a divorce or other legal family matters. – C.J.

Melissa Oakley was the perfect fit for my case. From the first consultation, where she was welcoming and friendly, to the end of my divorce when she was celebratory with me when calling to say that it was done! Throughout the entire process, Melissa made sure that I knew exactly what was going on. She took the time to explain all of the legal terms to me and made sure that I agreed with the processes/actions being taken and it was exactly what I wanted. After each meeting or e-mail, Melissa had the documents ready to send to opposing counsel within a matter of hours, if not quicker! I can tell that she loves her job and loves helping her clients in any way she can. Her personality shows that it is her passion to help people in their darkest times and I can honestly say, without a doubt, I could not have gotten through my divorce process more smoothly if it wasn’t for her. I would recommend Melissa Oakley to any and all, including those closest to me, as she does her job with dignity and remains professional at all times. – M.C.

In September of this year, we retained the services of Melissa Oakley to assist us with our 17-year-old son. Our son had become addicted to a multitude of drugs, including meth, and was in a serious spiral. To make matters worse, his biological father did not want him in a rehab program; and went as far as absconding with our son from the parking lot of the detox centre.

We found ourselves standing in the parking lot of the detox facility, having just watched our son drive away with his father. The plan had been to transport our son to long term drug treatment, but we had been fooled, and now had no idea what to do next. We knew that time was not on our side, our son was using hard drugs and in serious amounts. We phoned Family Services and the Calgary Police Service, neither could help us.

Our next call was Melissa.

It was a Friday afternoon when we called, and Melissa was calm and clear, and agreed to meet us on Sunday at her office. In the short period between our phone call and our meeting, Melissa had formulated a strategy. She walked us through the process, prepared Affidavits, and prepared us for what would happen in Court […].

Melissa spent over 8 hours with us at the Courthouse, and appeared in both Family Court and Queen’s Bench – we would need 2 Court Orders to restore custody and have [our son] picked up by the RCMP and delivered to the rehab facility. There was no guarantee for our outcome, but Melissa proceeded with confidence and passion, she was so clearly determined to win our case. And she did. By the end of the day we had been granted both Orders necessary, and were able to have our son apprehended and taken to the rehab facility. […]

Our battle was not over. The Orders were challenged by our son’s biological father and more Court appearances were required. Once again, Melissa was calm, professional, and tenacious in her pursuit of a positive outcome for us.

I would highly recommend Melissa Oakley for any family law matters. […] – S.G.

Melissa is wonderful to work with. She goes above and beyond to help her clients. Whatever it takes, she gets you the best possible outcome with the most compassion I have ever seen in family law. – K.D.

Absolutely thrilled to work with such an attentive, caring woman. Melissa has been an invaluable resource. – E.F.

Melissa made time for me the day before I was leaving with my (joint custody) son for vacation in Mexico. I had forgotten to get the paperwork drafted that is required at border services. Very reasonably priced and fast turnaround saved the day. Thank you Melissa. – Prefer to remain anonymous

Ms. Oakley has provided sage and excellent counsel to me and I trust her judgment completely. – D.O.

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