protecting your child from harm

One of the most stressful circumstances in your family’s life can be the result of Child and Family Services (formerly known and frequently referred to as Child Welfare) getting involved. While this agency is there to ensure the safety of the child, which everyone can agree is a good thing, it can also seem like a very invasive circumstance.

Child and Family Services steps in when a child is in need of intervention and there are reasonable and probably grounds to believe that the survival, security, or development of the child is being endangered. This could mean that the child has been neglected, the child is at risk of physical or sexual abuse, the child has been emotionally injured by the guardian, or the guardian is unable to protect the child from injury, among other reasons.

Even after Child and Family Services has closed its file and believes the child is protected, you may feel like you don’t have a concrete parenting plan in place.

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