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At Oakley Family Law, we have designed our services and fees based on the needs of our clients. Read more below to see what sort of fee structure may work best for you and your case.


One-hour strategy session
This is the first step: meet with one of our knowledgeable family lawyers. Tell us what’s going on, where you want to go, and we’ll help you try to get there. The purpose of this meeting is so that we can meet you, figure out what’s going on, and develop strategies for you to move your file forward, regardless of whether you hire us or not. We are pleased to offer this initial one-hour meeting for a flat rate of $150.


Full Scope Services

We do it all!
After you’ve met with one of our lawyers for a Consultation, you have decided you would like to have one of our lawyers fully represent you during the course of your file. This means we handle all correspondence, negotiations, drafting of documents, and Court appearances on your behalf. Our lawyers will bill you on an hourly basis for the time that they work on your file. A retainer is required. This is the level of service that most of our clients choose.


Limited Scope Services

We do some work, you do some work
Often clients come to us seeking limited scope services after they have self-represented for a period of time. Limited scope services are designed for one of our lawyers to provide you with the work you need. Unlike full scope services, where your lawyer will handle all steps on your file, limited scope services means the lawyer only does some of the steps on your file. For example, the lawyer may only be hired to draft an agreement or Court documents, or to help you respond to correspondence – you handle the rest! A retainer is required.


Legal Coaching

We work with you, as you need us
You may have met with one of our lawyers for a Consultation, but have decided you would prefer to do it yourself and keep your costs down. Along the way, you recognize you could use a legal opinion, some strategy, or other guidance. Legal coaching is a great option – get the help of a lawyer in-person only when you need it. Our lawyers will bill you on an hourly basis for the time that they spend with you. No retainers are required – you pay once our meeting is done.

Independent Legal Advice

Signing an agreement
Many family law agreements require independent legal advice (often referred to as “ILA”). Agreements concerning property division or spousal support, will likely not be valid without ILA. You may require ILA if you are signing a Cohabitation, Prenuptial, or Separation Agreement. ILA is not just a formality and a rubber stamp – our lawyers must review your Agreement in detail and make sure that you fully understand your rights, your obligations, and what it is that you are signing.

If you require ILA, we suggest that you meet for an initial consultation so that we can review the Agreement with you, and talk about any suggested changes. If you would then like to proceed with signing, we will enter into a Limited Scope Services arrangement for the purpose of having the Agreement signed. The cost of receiving ILA will depend on how many revisions need to be made to the Agreement and which lawyer you choose to work with.


Legal Aid

Call 1-866-845-3425 to see if you qualify
Some of our lawyers accept files through Legal Aid Alberta. If you have qualified for Legal Aid, and you would like one of our lawyers to represent you, we ask that you meet with us for a free 30-minute Consultation prior to requesting that we be appointed as your lawyer through Legal Aid.

Retainer and Fees

What is a retainer?
The retainer is like a security deposit – it’s money that you put up so that we can start work on your file. We hold the money in our trust account and only use that money to pay our invoices. A retainer is not an estimate of cost. Any money left over at the end of your file will be returned to you.

How much is the retainer?
Each retainer is unique and depends on what is going on with your file. Some retainers for simple matters may only be $500. Most full scope retainers are $2,500. Files that are proceeding to trial often require more. Your lawyer will design your individual retainer during your Consultation.

What is my lawyer’s hourly rate?
Each lawyer at Oakley Family Law has a different hourly rate depending on how many years they have been practicing. For current rates, please phone our office at 587-943-1394.

Forms of payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit and bank drafts.

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