think of it like insurance

Marriage is a happy time, full of optimism and hope for the future. If you’re getting married outdoors, you might have a tent or a location with an indoor space, in the event that rain comes on your Big Day. We certainly don’t hope that it rains, but it’s sure nice to have that insurance if it does!

Likewise, couples can enter into agreements before (pre-nuptial) or after (post-nuptial) their wedding, as a means of protecting their legal rights in the event that the relationship ends. You can pre-emptively address matters like division of property or support. Then, if a separation were to occur, you will already have a plan in place, thereby reducing the stress, time, and money spent on dealing with those issues.

In order for a Court to find these agreements legally binding, both parties must obtain independent legal advice before signing. Let Oakley Family Law help draft your Pre-nuptial Agreement or Post-nuptial Agreement. If the Agreement is already written, we would be happy to provide that independent legal advice you need by advising you of your rights, responsibilities and any possible unforeseen consequences of the Agreement.

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