pulling up roots: mobility and relocations

The end of a relationship is more than just an end – it can be viewed by both parties as a chance for new beginnings. Sometimes, one parent might choose to move away as part of that new beginning – to a new town, another province, or even another country.

Unless you have permission to relocate, a parent cannot just pick up and leave with a child. If you have joint custody or joint decision making regarding a child, then both parents need to agree that the move is in the child’s best interests. If the parents cannot agree, it may be necessary for the other parent to get an Order from the Court permitting the relocation.

Mobility applications to the Court can be complicated and intimidating, and the outcome will impact both where your child may live in the future, and your ability to see them. Oakley Family Law can help you navigate matters like this – contact us online or call us today at 587-943-1394 to book your consultation.

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