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Spousal support is intended to be support paid by one spouse to another to assist the lower income spouse in becoming self-sufficient after the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. The idea behind spousal support is to reduce the financial disadvantage that the spouse experienced as a result of the marriage or relationship or its breakdown. A situation that might justify a claim for spousal support would be where one partner stays home to raise the children to the detriment of their career while the other works outside of the home in order to support the family financially.

Spousal support is not automatic. You must first establish that the recipient is entitled to spousal support. If it is established that spousal support is warranted, then the questions that must be answered are “how much support should be paid?” and “for how long should support be paid?”. These questions are answered using something called the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. However it is important to note that these Guidelines are not law and not the final word on the subject. The Guidelines create a range of results and can be varied based on the particular facts of your situation.

It’s not as simple as just a basic calculation: spousal support is an art, not a science. The spousal support received by your cousin or by your best friend may be very different to yours, even though it may seem like your situations are the same. You are unique, and you deserve advice that reflects your unique situation.

Whether or not you are prepared to hire a lawyer to work on every aspect of your separation or divorce, we strongly recommend that you seek independent legal advice before entering into any kind of agreement with respect to spousal support. Contact us online or call us today at 587-943-1394 to book a consultation.

I mean to share my experience and thoughts about my court proceedings. My focus has been on Matrimony Property Division as well as Spousal Support. My journey began in June of 2014, during which I was self represented until November of 2014. I was referred to a lawyer by the name of Melissa Oakley. I felt finally that I could breathe; automatically I felt at ease and felt positivity. My concerns, my fears, my vulnerabilities dissipated. I was finally going to be heard, I was important, my struggles were finally going to be addressed.

Well, never did I imagine the over the top support and dedication I was about to continuously receive from this amazing woman. Not to mention the daily friendliness I have been shown by the receptionists every time I contacted the firm. The acknowledgement and utter kindness I received from all over the phone was beyond my expectations.

My first consultation: I was extremely fortunate in meeting Melissa. I instantly felt comfortable; not to mention VALUED in my concerns. Immediately, no goofing around! She was forthcoming with what I needed to comply with as a client, to move forward with the action. Once she received my information, the process was expedient and thorough to no end.

I have been informed about every aspect of my case and have been included in every outcome and decision. I have had a voice throughout every procedure and instance. – T.D.

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