wills, personal directives, and powers of attorney

Whether you have just separated or divorced and looking to revisit your estate plan, or you are cohabitating or married, you may wish to consider what may now happen in the event of incapacity or death. Prenuptial or cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and divorces, children, and blended families, may require additional consideration.

We are pleased to be able to offer estate planning services to help manage your financial affairs and reduce the potential for family conflict upon death or incapacity. Our estate planning services involve three documents: a will, personal directive, and power of attorney.

A will details how your estate will be distributed in the event of death, including who is responsible for managing your estate (often called your “executor” or “personal representative”, or sometimes your “trustee”). Your will may detail your beneficiaries, any legacy gifts, and who is to be responsible for your minor children on your passing.

A power of attorney can assist you in managing your property or finances in the event you are unable to do so, such as incapacity. Your “attorney” is the person you appoint to look after your property or finances; they are not necessarily your lawyer – they could be a trusted friend or family member. As an example, through your power of attorney, you may grant your attorney the ability to deal with the sale of your home or distribution of your bank accounts while you are in hospital.

A personal directive provides direction to your “agent” about your wishes regarding personal decisions, such as medical treatment or where you live, in the event of incapacity. Your agent will then make decisions about these personal matters if you are not in a position to make them for yourself.

Not having an estate plan in place may mean that your loved ones have to engage in possibly expensive and lengthy Court applications to become your guardian or trustee.  A thoughtful estate plan can make a very difficult time a little bit easier for your loved ones.

Individual Documents:

Will: $600 + GST
Power of Attorney: $75 + GST
Personal Directive: $75 + GST
Complete Individual Package: Will, Personal Directive, and Power of Attorney: $750 + GST

Spousal Documents:

Spousal Wills: $1,000 + GST
Complete Spousal Package: Will, Personal Directive, and Power of Attorney for each spouse: $1,300 + GST

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